I.O.O.F. Event Center Rental and Facility Use Policies

It is the responsibility of all renters of the facility to know and follow the I.O.O.F. Event Center rental and facility use policies. It is the renter’s responsibility to inform their attendees of these policies.


The I.O.O.F. Event Center, to include external surroundings, is a non-smoking facility. A smoking area has been designated. Smoking, outside of the designated area, will result in forfeiture of damage deposit.

  • The I.O.O.F. Event Center reserves the right to refuse rental to any lessee, decorator, event coordinator or caterer on the grounds of past experiences.
  • Re-leasing: the I.O.O.F. Event Center reserves the right to rent any portion of the facilities which become vacant during the lease of any other lessee agreement. If the event center re-leases because of lessee’s or event coordinator’s fraud, no refund will be due to the lessee.
  • Basic services: The event center’s basic rental includes the established utilities which are electric, light, heat and/or air conditioning and water. However, the failure to furnish any of the foregoing utilities resulting from circumstances beyond the control of the event center shall not be considered a breach of contract. A special rate shall be established for excessive utility usage.
  • No animals or pets, other than service animals, are allowed within the event center.
  • Abandoned equipment or articles: The event center shall not be held responsible for articles left on premises. The event center shall assume no responsibility or liability for any losses of any articles or equipment left on the premises following an event.
Making Reservations
  • All reservations must be made in person during regular business hours at the I.O.O.F. Event Center.  No reservation will be confirmed until deposit is received and an executed contract is on file at the event center.  All reservations must include the hours required for the function set-up, dismantle and clean-up activities.  The individual who reserves the event center and executes the rental contract is required to be present at the scheduled function for the duration of that function including set-up, dismantle, and clean-up activities. When event does not conclude (cleaned and vacated) by the time leased per the contract, the extra hour(s) are billed and/or deducted from the deposit at the late hour rate (double the regular rate)
  • At no time shall a reserving party sublease or assign its lease to another group or organization.
  • Any act deemed in non-compliance of lessee agreement, statement of facility use policies and federal, state and municipal codes may be cause for forfeiture of damage deposit.
  • A room rental deposit of fifty (50) percent is required within 48 hours of reservation request to confirm reservation.
  • Damage deposit guarantees Lessee will leave the event center in the same condition it is presented (both inside and outside).
  • Deposit refund may be reduced, or forfeited, by Lessee if clean-up activities agreed upon in the rental and facility use policies are not completed.
  • In the event of reduction of damage refund deposit, the decision of the I.O.O.F. Event Center shall be deemed final and binding.
  • If damage to the building or other leased equipment has been incurred and exceeds the deposit, the I.O.O.F. Event Center will retain the deposit and charge the Lessee for additional charges. All charges, if any, against the deposit will be specified at the time of the return and a copy of the “facility check-out form” will be provided. The I.O.O.F. Event Center shall refund any remaining portion of the deposit within five (5) days after the date of usage of the event center.
  • A credit card must be on file with event center in the event of additional damages incurred.
Payment of Rental Fees
  • Balance of room rental fee, equipment fees, damage deposit and cleaning service fees are required to be paid in full no less than ninety (90) days prior to function date.
  • Failure to provide payment in full less than ninety (90) days prior to function may result in the cancellation of the event and forfeiture of all deposits and fees paid to date.
Credit Card Payments
  • The following credit cards are accepted by the I.O.O.F. Event Center:
    MasterCard and Visa.
  • A fee of 3% is added to each credit card charge for handling and processing.
  • All payments via credit card fall under the “Rental Fees” policy stated above.
Cancellation Policy
  • Deposit of room rental fee is non-refundable.
  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday or entire building booking cancellation must be made more than 120 days prior to event in order to receive refund of damage/security/equipment deposit.
  • Weekday rental cancellations must be made within sixty (60) days prior to function in order to receive a refund of damage/security/equipment deposits.
  • At the discretion of the event center, it is possible that a reservation may have to be cancelled due to an extreme emergency or an extreme situation beyond the control of the I.O.O.F. Event Center. In the case of such an emergency situation, the Lessee will have the option to reschedule the function or request a refund in full of deposits and fees paid to date.

The policies listed above provide only basic I.O.O.F Event Center policy information, for a full list of policies please click on the link to download and read Rental and Facility Use Policies in full.

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